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NutriBiotic Maximum (Triple Strength) GSE® Liquid Concentrate With a Full Spectrum of Bioflavonoids

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Grapefruit Seed Extract Description

Note: As of 1/28/13 our company was contacted by Nutribiotic the manufacture of our Grapefruit Seed Extract and alerted to the following. Due to FDA regulations concerning dietary supplements Maximum Strength Grapefruit Seed Extract must be labeled (For External Use Only), even though its ingredients are exactly the same as before?

NutriBiotic Maximum (Triple Strength) GSE® Liquid Concentrate is synthesized from the seed and pulp of organically grown grapefruit. The manufacturing process converts grapefruit bioflavonoids (polyphenolics) into a potent broad spectrum (anti pathogenic) compound. Pathogens are defined as infectious disease causing organisms. Pathogens such as (bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses) are capable of causing many types of diseases in humans, animals and plants.

The greatest benefit of grapefruit seed extract is due to its broad spectrum anti pathogenic effect! Grapefruit seed extract remains effective even if the cause of an infection is unknown or misdiagnosed. Since we rarely know for sure the individual pathogen or mix of pathogens responsible for our infection. No other known compound can demonstrate such versatility.

How Does Grapefruit Extract Work?

According to studies, the activity of the active ingredient of grapefruit seed extract appears to develop in the cytoplasmic membrane of the microorganisms. The active ingredients of the extract disorganize the cytoplasmic membrane, thereby preventing the uptake of amino acids. At the same time, there is a leakage of the cellular contents with low molecular weight through the cytoplasmic membrane. The pathogen is then inactivated. The time for this is generally shorter than that of most comparable preparations.

Grapefruit seed extract does not allow germs to build up a resistance. To date there is no evidence that any type of organism has ever built up a resistance to grapefruit seed extracts active ingredient. Due to the mode of its activity it is believed that this resistance is impossible as grapefruit seed extract disrupts the organisms cytoplasmic membrane. What is not known is how GSE can affect the cell membranes of such a diverse group of microbes with virtually no toxicity toward human or animal life.

It should come as no surprise that we know a lot more about what GSE is good for, than exactly how it works.

Take aspirin. Since its development in 1899, billions of people have benefited from its ability to reduce inflammation, lessen pain, and lower fever. But exactly how it works is only recently being better understood.

From Seoul, Korea, Dr. Sung-Hwan of Abcom Chemie Co., Ltd states:

"Considering all the electron micrographs, we believe that the microbial uptake of GSE alters the cell membrane by inhibiting enzymatic activities… You can see the loss of the cytoplasmic membrane."

What is not known is how GSE can affect the cell membranes of such a diverse group of microbes with virtually no toxicity toward animal life (The "Acute Oral Toxicity Study" performed by an independent laboratory concluded that you would have to take 4,000 times the normal adult dose to risk a 50% chance of poisoning). And to complicate matters further, since viruses do not have a cell membrane of their own, how is it that GSE can act as an antiviral remedy as it does?

Unraveling the mysteries of GSE and its mechanisms would undoubtedly provide extremely valuable insight into the basic activity of microbes. We might hope that research funds will become available to answer the many questions raised about how it can be so potent and yet so safe.

Grapefruit Seed Extract is Nontoxic

Grapefruit seed extract is mild in comparison to strong antibiotics that can destroy beneficial intestinal bacteria and deplete the immune system! Without these beneficial bacteria life could not be sustained. The beneficial bacteria can thrive much better after the harmful pathogens have been destroyed!

Extensive testing done at independent laboratories and universities around the world has proven the concentrate to be safe for human consumption. According to an independent laboratory testing "Acute Oral Toxicity", it would take at least 4,000 times the normal dose of gse to produce a 50% chance of poisoning (called LD50).

Because grapefruit seed extract does not exhibit the harsh side effects and high cost of pharmaceuticals it is becoming the alternative health choice for naturopathic physicians, clinics and the general public.

After more than 30 years in use by naturopathic physicians, clinics, veterinarians, and the general public grapefruit seed extract has been proven to be a safe and effective alternative to strong medications that sometimes do more harm than good!

What is Grapefruit Seed Extract Used For?

Grapefruit seed extract (GSE) is being used worldwide to successfully to treat hundreds of adverse health conditions in humans and animals alike. This has been proven in laboratories all over the world, and is supported by feedback from doctors, veterinarians, farmers and consumers. Grapefruit seed extract provides not only gastrointestinal and topical benefits, but systemic support as well.

Economical To Use

Grapefruit seed extract developes its anti pathogenic activity at very low concentrations (3-5 drops per dose). Because of this fact grapefruit seed extract is very economical to use. Each 1 oz bottle contains 900 drops with an average dose is 3-5 drops for most health conditions.

GSE® Liquid Concentrate Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pH of this product? - The Original GSE Liquid Concentrate has a pH of about 3.8 and the Maximum GSE Liquid Concentrate has a pH of about 2.2, which are both very acidic. This is why we recommend you dilute Grapefruit Seed Extract before use. We do not know if the product becomes alkaline when ingested the way orange juice and other citrus foods do.

Is this product safe for use with children? - Yes. Common sense will indicate using a very dilute solution on an infant.

What about using it for my pets? - Since the concentrate is safe for consumption, it is well suited for animal uses. The extract can be added to the animal’s water or food.

What about the "grapefruit juice effect"? - There is a phenomenon known as the "grapefruit juice effect". Two components found in grapefruit juice, naringin and naringenin†, inhibit production of an enzyme in the intestinal tract, thus increasing the rate of absorption for certain classes of drugs (including some antihistamines, birth control pills, anti-epilepsy medications, and some antibiotics).

In some instances, as in low dose birth control pills and some uses of antibiotics, this could be a good thing because the net result is "more efficacy, less drug". In other cases, especially for anti-seizure medicines, blood levels have to be monitored and maintained very carefully. You would be well-advised to check with your doctor or pharmacist to see if there is any interaction between your medication and the naringin and naringenin†.

Is there anything I can't use the concentrate for? - We do not recommend using it in your eyes, even in a dilute form. We also advise users to dilute the extract before use. If you place a drop of the product on your tongue, it will burn. Sensitive skin areas also will end up with an unpleasant irritation if the concentrate is used full-strength.



Grapefruit seed extract (60%) from organically grown grapefruit and vegetable glycerine (40%).


Grapefruit Seed Extract Rumers

What about rumers of Chemicals in GSE? Newsgroups and email groups have received postings to the effect that GSE contains Triclosan, Benzelthonium Chloride, or Methyl Paraben. The source of this type of report comes from both Germany and Japan, where Citricidal is not approved for human consumption. The reason is that Citricidal is very similar in molecular weight to both Benzelthonium Chloride and Triclosan, both of which are effective disinfectants, but are toxic to human and animal life.

In Germany their test (which is not well documented at all) for BC, Triclosan, and M.Paraben came up positive (which is more correctly called a "false positive") and in Japan, the same is happening for Triclosan. USDA found benzelthonium chloride in its 2001 test. Was this a simple error or a deliberate attempt to scare people away from Citricidal products?

Meanwhile, Citricidal has been tested for the presence of these toxins by independent labs, and has been proven clean. (Ex: Weston Gulf Coast Laboratories, Inc., University Park, IL, test completed in March of 1992. Tested for heavy metals, Cyanides, Pesticides and PCBs and Benzelkonium Chloride. Results: None Detected.) In fact, the accusations about triclosan (used in many dish and hand soaps in the US) became so frequent a few years ago, that Citricidal began specifically testing each batch of GSE for its absense, and providing a Certificate of Analysis to that effect.

The truth is, Citricidal is not only effective, it has been in use for decades and recommended by many high profile doctors and healthcare professionals. If these allegations had any validity, there certainly would be a history of complaints and judgements against the product, and it would have been removed from the market many years ago.

Triclosan has recently been compared to "Agent Orange" in toxicity. The EPA rates triclosan as "highly toxic". The US FDA made inspections of the Citricidal manufacturing facility back in the 1990's and found no chemical preservatives; and the formula is the same today.

Such rumours are false, and are not a threat to those armed with accurate information. The test reports from Germany and Japan and the USDA are certainly bothersome, but they have produced "false positives", not accurate profiles. The vast body of evidence from many years of use by thousands of satisfied consumers, doctors, manufacturers, and veterinarians, speaks most loudly against such reports. (The German report, linked above, does suggest that some suppliers of "GSE" may, in fact, be fraudulent. But Citricidal has been proven a safe, and effective product.)


Typical Certificate Of Analysis of our Grapefruit Seed Extract

Certificate Of Analysis

Citricidal Liquid

AppearanceViscous Liquid
Color Dark Yellow
OdorMild Citrus
Molecular Weight (Active Compound)565
Ascorbic Acid2.61%
Glycerin USP40%
Grapefruit Extractive60%
Heavy MetalsNone Detected
Chlorinated Hydrocarbon PesticidesNone Detected
Salmonella, E.Coli, EnterobacteriaNone Detected
Proplyl HydroxybenzoateNone Detected
Methyl HydroxybenzoateNone Detected
Arsenic None Detected
Benzethonium ChlorideNone Detected
SolubilitySoluble: In Water, Alcohol, Organic Solvents.

Density9.5 lbs./gal
Benzalkonium ChlorideNone Detected

Citricidal - Does Not Contain





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