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Benefits of Grapefruit Seed Extract


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Benefits of Grapefruit Seed Extract


1. Beneficial Bacteria

According to Doctors and Veterinarians grapefruit seed extract (at normal doses) is gentle yet preserves the integrity of your intestinal bacteria. Without these beneficial bacteria life could not be sustained. Although grapefruit seed extract is very effective against many pathogens it is mild in comparison to strong antibiotics that can destroy beneficial intestinal bacteria and deplete the immune system! Because grapefruit seed extract does not exhibit the harsh side effects and high cost of pharmaceuticals it is becoming the alternative health choice for naturopathic physicians, clinics and the general public.

2. It can be taken for long periods of time without toxic side effects

There are reports that people have taken grapefruit seed extract every day for several years (as a preventive) without side effects of any kind. However we do not recommend grapefruit seed extract for long term use!

3. GSE is hypoallergenic (non-allergenic)

Dr. Allen Sachs points out that about 3 to 5 per cent of all people are allergic to citrus fruit and could therefore also display a sensitive reaction to grapefruit seed extract. These people should start with a low dosage and perform a patch test to be sure.

4. It can be used for humans and animals including pets (fish, reptiles, birds etc)

All living creatures great and small have benefited from the use of grapefruit extract.

5. Grapefruit seed extract is very economical to use

Grapefruit seed extract is very effective at low concentrations therefore a little goes a long way as most applications only require a few drops per dose. Our 1 oz bottle contains approximately 900 drops of potent Maximum Triple Strength grapefruit seed extract and averages around 3-5 drops per dose.


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