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"Customer Comments about Grapefruit Seed Extract"

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Allergies and Anxiety

All my life I have had severe food allergy's. I had to carry benedryl all the time. Lived on anti-histamine. I have been taking grapefruit seed extract for 2 years for all kind of things, but the one thing that I have discovered is that when I have a bad reaction to food, which is on a daily basis, I can take 20 drops of grapefruit seed in water and it will leave within 10 minutes.

When I go out and over eat in a restaurant and feel so bloated and achy, I just pop 20 drops and it is gone. This has kept me out of the emergency room. The doctor told me the reason my heart was racing when this happened is because I was eating too many carbs. I have low blood sugar. BUT!!!! The grapefruit takes that heart rate right down. That shows me it is a reaction to food, not carbs.

I love this product. I do not go anywhere without it. AND I haven't been back to the doctor since. Also I have anxiety attacks which I have to take tranquilizers 3 times a day for. I have found these are caused by my low sugar and food allergy's too. I get so shaky that I can't speak. 20 drops of this, and it works like a valium. I get so calm. I hope this reaches someone that has this problem. I have given this to so many people with great results. Thanks for having this site.

Debra Phelps - Texas

Bleeding Gums

My gums don\'t bleed anymore since I started using a drop GSE in my WaterPik and on my toothbrush. Going to try it for some other uses, too.

Annette L. Gerhardt - Arizona


I use this product for EVERYTHING! It is the safest way for me to clean my bird cages, bowls, etc. I don't have to worry about chemical fumes around them with grapefruit seed extract. Thank you for your product! Love your product!

Nicole Kizina - Altoona, PA


We used GSE to get rid of the bronchial/coughing/flu crud that seems to be almost epidemic across America. Your product really seems to put the sickness in its place!

Bob Winnie - MO


I first bought the grapefruit seed extract for my cat. She had a bladder infection that two different antibiotics didn't help much. I was planning to do some travel and needed to get her back in shape before I left so I thought why not give grapefruit seed extract a chance. I mixed it with her food and in a matter of a few days she was back to normal! I continue to give it to her and I'm sure it has helped with the flaking in her fur. I was expecting that I would eventually put the cat to sleep. Needless to say this 15y/o cat is as healthy as ever! This is one product I don't want to be without.

Thanks - Robert Brown - York, PA


I came upon your website quite accidentally, through Goggle alternative pages, I have used grapefruit seed extract throughout the cold and flu season for the past 3 years and I have not had one cold or flu symptom. Whenever I feel the first signs of a cold I start with 3 tablets a day, and after just one day, the symptoms are gone. I will never be without grapefruit seed extract ever. But coming upon your wonderful website, I was wondering if there are different strengths.

Thank You - J. Foley

Colds, Calm Upset Stomachs, as a Disinfectant

Hi, My name is Dennis Andrews and I bought a 16 oz bottle of GSE from you a while back. We have used it with great success to ward off colds, calm upset stomachs, as a disinfectant and to cleanse wounds. Great stuff. We just returned from St Bernard Parish in New Orleans where we helped prepare and serve free meals to locals. We helped keep one of the kitchen organizer people healthy by supplying her with daily doses of GSE. To our amazement she would down 17 drops in an ounce or 2 of water without making a face. She said she got used to it when they used it to kill giardia and other bacteria in drinking water.

Dennis Andrews - Seattle, WA

Dental Hygiene - Gums

Note #1: I\'ve been using your product for about 6 months. I put two drops on my toothpaste in the morning, brush normally, and have NEVER had my gums in better shape! (Per my dentist of 17 years.) Note #2: My wife and I drink three drops every morning to keep everything working well internally. To cover up the bitter taste, we put the drops in about 2 Tablespoons of Silk™ Chocolate Soy Milk, swirl it around and knock it down. It ABSOLUTELY covers up the bitter taste -- \"way better\" than fruit juice -- thought you might want to share that with others. –

Bob Winnie - Springfield, MO

Digestive Disorders

We live in Zambia, many have stomach issues--diarrhea, cramps, etc.--and GSE is a life-saver for those who have tried it. We are also worried about parasites so use it as a parasitic as well. We also use it to clean veggies. I have the dosage chart so we are finding many more daily uses. The woman who had diarrhea 2-3 times a week now swears by GSE. Another was experiencing digestive issues and tried it and now swears by it too.

Johanna W. Alley - Zambia, Africa

General Comment

Love your product! Use it when I feel sickness coming on, in laundry or on counters if sanitizing necessary, to wash fresh vegetables and fruit, I soak my toothbrush in it every night, use it to wash my face sometimes (I\'m prone to dermatitis issues). I am also going to use it for my yeast imbalance after recently discovering it made a difference when I took it to fight off a virus... I also used it to save an expensive used eyelash conditioner. My sister wanted me to try a great new product that actually helps grow eyelashes and had given me the remaining quarter of her tube to try. The product is very expensive so I was grateful to her but also know the danger of sharing something that you brush on close to the eyes. After noticing some reaction at my eyelash line, I carefully cleansed the eyeline with a q-tip of diluted GSE. I then waited overnight to see that the redness had cleared, and swirled the liner type brush in diluted GSE and mixed that little tiny bit i nto the tube of gel. Of course it worked and I very happily was able to use the product after all! What an amazing thing GSE is! I LOVE it!

H.K. - Tucson, AZ

General Comment

This product is wonderful, and I\'ve used it successfully for many things such as severe toothache, skin problems of pets, and as a general antiviral/antibacterial remedy for illness in my family. Thank you so much.

Lynn Hoshino - Ithaca, NY

General Comment

Hi, I am very happy, ecstatic in fact, to report that I have received my parcel. There was absolutely no problem with Customs.The quality of the Citricidal is fantastic. Thank you so much for your always speedy replies. If you need a reference for anyone in South Africa I will be happy to vouch for the excellent service and product received.

Best Regards

Laetitia - South Africa

General Comment

I love your product. It has not only helped my daughters\'s scalp but when mixed with Johoba oil as a base leaves her hair beautiful. It has also been helpful mixed in tea to help me with my stomach problems and general malaise. Bless You.

Rosalind Plummer - Philadelphia, PA

General Comment

I love your product! My health has improved immensly since I have started taking Citricidal every day - it has improved my quality of life and I am so happy to have found you. I have seen no other company in North America that has such an amazing product....and at a very very reasonable price. I do a fair bit of online purchases and Pure Liquid Gold has the quickest and easiest ordering process anywhere on the web, and the support and communications are way above par.......way to go, Pure Liquid Gold!! Thank you!

Barb K - B.C. Canada

Head Lice

Hi, After use several other produces for head lice on my 3 year old with no results. I was told that grapefruit seed extract would work great for getting rid of them. I was surprised to find your website and see that grapefruit seed extract had so many uses. After using it in the shampoo mixture the head lice were completely gone. I have also used it to brush my teeth and as breath freshener. It really makes your mouth feel refreshed. I also use it in a spray bottle around the house for disinfecting purposes. Grapefruit seed extract is a unique and remarkable product.

Thank You! Ben - Walla Walla, WA

Immune System

hi, for years i have had autoimmune problems, asthma,kidney and bladder infections. i have fibromyalgia, arthritis, degenerative disc disease,scoliosis, mvp., thyroidism,.. and lupus erythremous. my lupus wains like the flue.,, coming and going. it is very difficult to live with. But, what i want to thank you for was your liquid gold drops. i use 2 drops and a small glass of water 3 or 4 times a day faithfully.!!! In early november thru january of this year, i acquired strep throat, then i went into acute bronchitis, into my lupus, then to pneumonia and lastly, the dreaded pleurisy! Having asthma and pluerisy was a nightmare. Soooo, painful. II should have been in the hospital, but there was so many germs in there. So, My Father put me on your liquid gold and herbs. And, within a week i was already clearing up the old lungs. I know that it has built my immune system and made me stronger. I am able to go without all of the former prescription medicines i use to need. Anyone who wants to be well should try this.

S. Campbell - United Kingdom

Lung Infections

My Husband started out with 1 drop in the first treatment of the day with the medicine in the nebulizer. Stayed with that for a week or so and increased it to 2 drops in first treatment of the day, which he now uses all the time. He has tried to go to three, but that seems to really set up something that causes agitation with his nerves. His lungs are very sick and with anyone that has this illness, one thing to try to avoid as much as possible is anything that would cause any kind of stress. So we have stayed with two drops of Grapefruit seed extract. Possible others could use more however. My husband has been using the grapefruit seed extract in his nebulizer and this is the first year he has not ended up in the hospital with lung infection in years!!

Thank You - Ruth Gable


I was first aware of GSE after a family member of mine told me about it to assist me in curing an MSRA Infection my mother got while in the Hospital a few years back. My mother was dying and had been given just a few weeks to live. I got the GSE and gave her 5 drops 2xs daily and within a week she was getting better. Her SED rate improved and within 2 weeks she was cured and released from the Hospital. Since then I have bought the larger bottle and given it to everyone for everything related to massive Infections and it worked on all. Im a solid user now and a believer in GSE too.


Peter A. McGuire - CA

Nail Fungus

I’ve read in numerous publications how hard it is to overcome toenail fungus. I know this first hand since I’ve been dealing with toenail fungus for years. Then I read somewhere that GSE is helpful with nail fungus. When I started using GSE (this was before I learned about Liquid Gold. I tried putting GSE (full strength) on my fungus infested toenail—dripping it down from the top of the nail, and spreading it around the cuticle and over the nail. Then putting on socks and going to bed. About two weeks later, the discoloration of the nail has almost entirely faded, and the nail seems to adhere more closely to the flesh underneath it. I also found that GSE is a great cuticle softener, and am now putting it on my fingernail cuticles—it softens them up nicely.

Pat Mercer - MD

Pet Parasites

Grapefruit Seed Extract

One of our customers commented about how fast she got rid of her puppies worms using grapefruit seed extract. She is a veterinarian from Columbus Ohio.

Canine parvovirus (Parvo)

Hi, I hope you can give me a little info please. I just got a new puppy. He is 4 months old and weighs 35 lbs. The test just came back that he has parvo. Beings this is a viral infection do you think GSE will help cure the infection?

Hi Gail, To start with you could try giving him about 9 drops of the 33% extract in 8 oz of water 2-3 times daily and see if there is any improvement. Or you could even use as much as 12 drops if you see no improvement with the first dose. If he refuses to drink start with half the dose until he gets used to the taste and only leave one source for water to force him to drink or you can mix with his food.

Hi Darrell, I gave him one 125 mg tablets 3 times a day in a bland diet for about 3 days now and his condition has changed so much you wouldn't even know it was the same dog. He is eating everything , He is running and playing with my other dog. He is not throwing up and his stool is almost back to normal. I'm going to continue to give him the gse until I get another test from the vet. I also give him activia a couple times a day. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

Hi Darrell, Guess what , the pups test came back negative (no more parvo). I am so jazzed. Thanks for your help. I think we got the pup started on gse before the parvo got to bad. He responded so fast to the treatment I just couldn't believe it. You would never know he was sick. Gail Talk to you later, Gail

Gail Oliver Santee Ca.

Note: If using Triple Strength Grapefruit Seed Extract you would use 4-5 drops 3 times daily as this would equal the same dosage as the 12 - 15 drops 33% regular strength or the tablets! If your using regular strength gse (33% active ingredient) than you would use 12 to 15 drops three times daily. Add to food or water but always be sure designate one bowl for use and keep away from non infected animals. Add the drops to around 1 1/2 cups water and mix well. Do not allow your pet to drink from any other sources so that they will get the correct dosage without dilution.


Really happy with the results from the GSE I ordered previously on the ringworm. We're also using the product with water as a room & furniture spray to further aid us in killing the ringworm spores in our home. I also really like having the 180 uses sheet - it helps tremendously in figuring out the correct dosages. That's why I need it for the tea tree oil, which I already purchased elsewhere. Thanks!

Cindy Taylor - Georgia

Healthy Skin

The grapefruit seed extract is the only thing I have found that promotes the growth of healthy, strong skin beneath the surface as it softens and loosens the excess cells on the surface. I have tried multiple prescription medications (as well as most of what is on the drugstore shelves. The best that any of them has done is to soften the excess skin. As this skin piles up and dries out, it cracks. After using your product, for the first time I experienced having healthy, strong skin revealed as the pumice stone removes the overgrowth of skin cells (which is what psoriasis is) after a daily shower or bath. With this routine, I no longer develop the painful cracks that I once did. After about four months of this routine, I am almost at the point that I no longer have to wear socks when I wear sandals. You have a marvelous product and I hope you stay in business and prosper. Also FYI, I truly appreciate your use of priority mail. This is the only reasonably priced method for shipping to Hawaii.

"I have found this product is cost effective as well. The dropper tip bottle makes control of the amount used easy. I have never spilled or used more than necessary because of the dropper tip." With best wishes to all of you at Liquid Gold for a healthy year, physically and fiscally,

J.M - Hawaii

Skin Conditions

I don't know how, but my skin condition has improved since i've been using GSE? I had been bothered over 2 years with microspic pests, I guess they don't like the environment GSE establishes?

Dick - Battle Ground, WA

Also would like to inform you on how well your product worked for my 85 year old father. Back in 1995 he had an operation on polyps in his nose and caught golden staph which he was unable to shake even after 180 different drugs. He had to three times a day flush his nose out with a saline solution to drain the puss that formed in there. He had three operations where they cut his forehead at the hair line and peeled down his forehead to scrap out the infection then stitch it back up and he then had to walk around with two tiny taps sticking out of his head to drain the puss while it was healing each time for a month. In December last year his specialist informed him that the infection had now spread to his entire body and the next step was pneumonia so the forecast wasn’t good. After finding your product on line I sent this to him in Australia and he starting taking it along with breathing in the steam which contained the GSE. After a week he started coughing up what he would call was puss and in March this year he went back to his specialist who confirmed that the infection had totally gone. Since then he has had three check ups and still no sign of its return. The specialist that was treating him doesn’t believe that the GSE did it but he was not on any other drugs at the time. I personally have used GSE for the FLU and it works and would like to share this story with you.

John Burgess - Australia


I have been using Nutribiotic spray for two years. During that time I have not had to use an antibiotic for sinusitis. I am 60 years old and have had chronic sinusitis w/all the accompanying complications all of my adult life. I am so happy to have found your web-site and the information on it. Since discovering grapefruit seed extract, many of my friends have started using it as well. It is surprising that even people working in health food stores are unfamiliar with it.

Recently, I was in Phoenix., AZ. Meeting with my sister from ND. I was able to find the product at Wild Oats Mkt. There so that she could take it back to ND for herself and for my other sister who I know suffers from all types of yeast/mold caused illnesses. However my testimonies are not as effective as I wish they were. Is it possible for you to send me the information on your web-site so that I can share it with friends and family? I have tried to get printed info. from health food stores with no success. Your website is the most thorough and most easily understood body of info. I have seen.

Thank You - Marilyn Thayer - Santa Monica, CA

Sinus Infection

I\'ve used GSE for years and went from having 2 sinus infections/year to being infection-free for 3 years! I also use it in my pets (cat, birds, dog) water.

Cynthia Biddle - Smiths, AL

Sinus Infection

Strep Throat, Irritable Bowel etc...

My name is Gigi Medley and I have been using Grapefruit Seed Extract for seven (7) weeks now and I do not know what I would do without it. I happened upon the GSE website while doing research to find something that would alleviate my sinus drainage which I have endured most of my adult life. I now use GSE for the following: 1) Sinuses: In the past I had constant sinus drainage, which quite frequently would lead to acute sinus and strep throat infections. I would get this ailment every 3 months and it would drive me crazy. I now take 1 small amount of water with 2 drops of GSE and place a few drops in each nose at least twice a day. Needless to say, I have not had a sinus infection or even a sore throat since I have been doing this. GSE works wonderfully!

. . . . . . I am so glad I have this product in my life! 2) Irritated Bowels Syndrome (IBS): I was diagnosed with IBS last year and I am frequently uncomfortable by constipation and irregularity due to this ailment. I take 2-3 drops of GSE for my constipation 3 times a day and I do not have any problems moving my bowels.

GSE has really made life easier and my body loves it! 3) Deodorant: I keep a small spray bottle (approx. 6 oz.) of mineral water with 20 - 30 drops of GSE in it on my bathroom shelf. When I get out of the shower, I spray the mixture of water and GSE under my arms as my deodorant, dab off the excess water, and get dressed for the day. I was forever looking for a deodorant with no chemicals that I could use without worrying about long term medical issues. Once again, GSE has come to the rescue!!!!! Since using GSE, I have been telling my friends and family about how wonderful it is and hope that this FABULOUS product can continue to be available for people who really depend on it!!!

Thank you GSE!! Sincerely - Gigi Medley - Washington DC

Sinus Infections and Strep Throat

Thank You for your wonderful product. Grapefruit Seed Extract has saved me so much money on not having to go to the Doctor for strep throat and sinus infections. I've also used it for my children for these reasons and am glad to see it can be used for ear infections also. People think I'm strange for not using regular antibiotics, but it works and at the same time doesn't wear the immune system down. Such and inexpensive product from nature as God intended.

Sincerely - Kristen Davis - Oklahoma

Strep Throat & Colds

I tell people GSE is "Magic Healing Stuff" because it works so well. Not to mention there are no doctors medications for colds and viruses while GSE seems to resolve all sickness related issues including viral related. It is one thing to accept something is working (like Garlic) and quite another to actually FEEL it. GSE provides that proof and NO side effects. :)

I actually started taking it for myself. I don't normally get sick and wound up feeling like I was getting strep throat. I took the GSE for 2 days and the strep was completely gone (imagine my shock). I personally take it as maintenance and if I feel anything out of the ordinary, I up the dose to three times a day. It is the only herbal like supplement that you can see and feel instant results. Most herbs provide protection and help resolve internal conflicts that you may not feel (like blood cleansers and cholesterol lowering) however, if you get a cold or sickness you get to see and feel the instant results from taking the GSE. I know my mom was shocked how well it worked....not to mention myself. As a diabetic, GSE is the ultimate body guard! Thanks much for the shipping update and providing the product to the public!

Mara Dvorak (age: 32, diabetes melitus type 1 for 30 years) - Phoenix AZ

Strep Throat

I gave my sister grapefruit seed extract for strep throat: Swollen glands in neck, tonsils swollen with pus and pushing uvula out of the way, fever, vomiting and in severe pain. After two days of taking GSE she was able to return to work, and no longer having to take pain medication. Wow! antibiotics never worked anywhere near that fast!

Melodie Pritchett - Oregon

Tear Strains

I haven’t seen anyone else comment on this, but I have a dog with a tendency to tear stains. This is a difficult ongoing problem for people with little white dogs, and the most effective thing I had found to date was an antibiotic product that tasted so bad my dog refused to eat it, not to mention my concerns about long-term antibiotic use. I started using a few drops of grapefruit seed extract in her drinking water to prevent plaque/gingivitis after having my other little dog die due to a professional dental cleaning. As an additional benefit, her tear stains are gone! Taste doesn’t seem to be an issue with the dog – she’ll drink the grapefruit seed extract in her water and readily accepts food with grapefruit seed extract drops in it.

I know there are a lot of other people out there with Maltese dogs, poodles, Bichons, Pomeranians, etc., who are frustrated with the tear stains and could use your product. After reading your website, I can see where some gse might be beneficial for me to take as well. Can’t wait to get started.

Terri Decker


Hi I Just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the grapefruit seed extract. My little girl is 5 years old and it's been the past year I have tried getting rid of them. She went to the doctor 4 times to have them froze off but that never worked. I tried every medicine that people said worked but this didn't work either. Including the doctors bill and medicines l have spent over $100.00. I wish I would had found out sooner about the grapefruit seed extract because I could have spent $14.95 instead of $100.00.

I have used the extract on her for 2 weeks and they are almost gone and these warts were very big so I am so happy. Anyway thought I would let you know how happy I am.

Thanks - Jaimie Elledge Randle - Wa

Weight Loss - Horses

Hello Pure liquid gold. I'm soooooooooo thankful for your product. I have been battling weight problems my whole life. I started loosing weight by watching my carbs and sugar intake, which I still try to do. I lost 20 lb. by doing this and felt alot better. I did eat alot of good veggies also. I think eating healthy is sooooo important to looking and feeling great. Then I found the grapefruit seed extract. I eat carbs now not near as much as I did before I started my weight loss program and I'm still loosing weight.

I've also not lost any muscle tone and the cellulite is going away. I think that all I'm loosing is FAT!!

The best thing about the grapefruit seed extract is its ability to kill over growth of yeast. Which is what I think is the major factor in gaining weight. Since I've been on the grapefruit seed extract I've lost weight in places I could never loose before. I've only lost 10 pounds since I've been on it. But I look like I've lost more cause of where Ive lost it. I used to be really heavy through the arms and bust but I've went from a XL to a medium. My face looks so different my Dad lives out of state and he didn't recognize me after he hadn't seen me for a year. He said he doesn't ever remember seeing my face so slim. I used to look bloated.

Im sooooooooooooo thankful for this product. It is sooooo much more than a weight loss tool. It is also a way to get healthy. Over growth of yeast takes the oxygen out of the body, which in turn allows cancer to develop. This product is truly a miracle.

Also I've been giving it to my horses. They have a problem with yeast and have problems with the hair on their mane and tail. Since I've been giving them the grapefruit seed extract their hair has come back in. This stuff is great for animals too. It is also good for allergies.

Thanks again PURE LIQUID GOLD for your amazing product. Gayla..............

Weight Loss

Hi Darrell, How are you, I am fine. I love the GSE, my wife and I feel more alert by taking this product plus we both have lost a few pounds which was wanted...

Thank You! - Bill Runyons - Kentucky

Valley Fever

My wife and I have been using GSE for years for numerous applications. It is a staple in our home. Recently I was diagnosed with Valley Fever. I thought you might be interested in my experience and approach to this disease.

I am a 76 year old male living in SaddleBrooke, AZ since 2000. Except for heart problems I have always been quite healthy. I'm a firm believer in natural supplements for health issues. For exercise, I've been walking the dog in the desert for 1-2 hr/daily. About mid-November, 2008, I noticed I was tiring more easily. By Thanksgiving I was tired, aching, feverish and with pains in my lungs, etc. Went to urgent care and had an x-ray and blood tests. Doctor said I had a area on my lower left lung, and diagnosed it as pneumonia and gave me a prescription for Azithromycin. Two days later I developed a case of severe prostatitis. My local doctor then prescribed Levaquin and requested more blood tests. Because of my symptoms, my wife suggested a VF test which required about 10 days. The Levaquin alleviated the prostatitis symptoms which left me with the VF symptoms. Then the doctor phoned and confirmed that I had Valley Fever. He said most people "got over" it in 2-3 months and there wasn't much they could do.

Since I prefer natural remedies and we are big fans of GSE (grapefruit seed extract) which has antifungal and antiobiotic properties, I decided to try a regime of 15 drops of GSE in 8 oz. of water 3 times/daily. Within 3 days all my lung problems were gone! (Except for my dry cough which still persists.) I continue to improve a little each day, but am still only at about 50% of my former level of stamina. Nevertheless, I am convinced the GSE has helped me a great deal. I'm now down to a dose of 12-14 drops three times daily and realize I may have to continue this indefinitely to hopefully prevent a relapse. But, if this gets me back to my old self, it is truly a Godsend. And it is only pennies a day. So for what it's worth, this is my experience so far. Maybe it could be of value to others.

Bill Lehmann - Arizona


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