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diaper rash yeast infections, diaper rash, grapefruit seed extract, grapefruit extract,

Diaper Rash Yeast Infections

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Diaper Rash Yeast Infections

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Diaper rash yeast infection is found on the skin inside the baby's diaper area. The skin appears red and irritated. The rash usually begins between the baby's legs and may feel warm. It can spread to the stomach area, genitals, and skin folds of the upper thighs.

If not treated, diaper rash yeast infection can become infected and appear bright red with red bumps and blisters. The causes of diaper rash are too much moisture, rubbing and friction, skin contact with urine and feces. Allergic reaction to the diaper material or to creams, powders or wipes. If the irritation gets bad enough the skin will become contaminated, usually with a yeast called candida. This is the same yeast that causes thrush.

There are several types of diaper rashes: friction rash, irritant rash, allergic rash, intertrigo, (an acute skin irritation and inflammation) seborrhea rash and psoriasis.

Skin wetness is the most common underlying causes of diaper rash. Urinary wetness increases skin friction which in turn causes diaper rash.

To prevent diaper rash, change your baby's diaper often. Keeping the diaper loose enough to let air reach the skin inside the diaper. Don't use wipes that contain alcohol or perfume. If you use cloth diapers. Wash them yourself, use very hot water, rinse carefully and use grapefruit seed extract in the wash.

Yeast is the most common type of organism found in a diaper rash. The organism is quite prevalent and thrives on warm moist skin. Yeast involvement should be suspected in any diaper rash that has not improved dramatically with 72 hours of treatment.


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