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Flu infections and true influenza are among illnesses classified as colds. Both types are produced by viruses. Flu infections are acute disorders of the respiratory tract, usually accompanied by fever.

True influenza usually develops in a similar manner, but it is more severe than the flu infection. It is caused by the influenza viruses of the types A, B, and C. Worldwide epidemics (pandemics), which occur at regular intervals, are triggered solely by the Type A virus.

In between the worldwide pandemics, epidemics occur in individual countries at intervals of about 2-3 years. Variations of the respective A virus from a former pandemic are responsible for these epidemics.

Flu is an extremely contagious viral infection. The infections spreads through the upper respiratory tract and sometimes into the lungs.

Symptoms of the flu are a fever usually between 101F and 102F but occasionally as high as 106F. Some times alternating with chills. Other symptoms are sore throat, dry hacking cough, aching muscles, general fatigue and weakness, nasal congestion, sneezing and a headache, diarrhea, exhaustion and dizziness.

The flu virus is transmitted by inhaling air that contains the virus or by handling items contaminated by an infected person. Symptoms start to develop from one to four days after infection with the virus. A person can never develop immunity to the flu because it is always changing.


Influenza Related Ebooks

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