atheletes foot fungus, foot fungus. citrus seed extract,  grapefruit seed extract,

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 atheletes foot fungus, foot fungus. citrus seed extract,  grapefruit seed extract,

Athletes Foot Fungus


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Athletes Foot Fungus

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Grapefruit seed extracts is used effectively against athletes foot fungus. Athletes foot fungus (tinea pedis) is a common, persistent infection of the foot caused by a dermatophyte, a microscopic fungus that lives on dead tissue of the hair, toenails, and outer skin layers. These fungi thrive in warm, moist environments such as shoes, stockings, and the floors of public showers, locker rooms, and swimming pools. Grapefruit seed extract can be sprayed onto the feet, rubbed into them and used to sterilize socks, shoes and linens.

Athletes foot fungus is transmitted through contact with a cut or abrasion on the bottom of the foot. In rare cases, the athletes foot fungus is transmitted from infected animals to humans.

Other forms of athletes foot fungus are dermatophyte (skin) infections cause raised circular pimples or blisters that resemble the lesions caused by ringworm. The infections are named after the part of the body they infect. Tinea pedis, therefore refers to an infection of the feet.

Athletes foot is more common in men, from the teenage years to the early 50s. Prevalence is affected by personal hygiene and daily activity. People with compromised immune systems are at greater risk.

There are at least four dermatophytes that can cause tineas pedis. The most common is trichophyton rubrum. There are four common forms of athlete's foot. The most common is an annoying, persistent itching of the skin on the sole of the foot or between the toes (often the fourth and fifth toes). As the infection progresses, the skin grows soft. The center of the infection is inflamed and sensitive to the touch. Gradually, the edges of the infected area become milky white and the skin begins to peel. There may also be a slight watery discharge.

In the ulcerative type, the peeling skin becomes worse. Large cracks develop in the skin, making the patient susceptible to secondary bacterial infections. The infection can be transmitted to other parts of the body by scratching, or contamination of clothing or bedding.

The third type of tinea infection is often called "moccasin foot." In this type, a red rash spreads across the lower portion of the foot in the pattern of a moccasin. The skin in this region gradually becomes dense, white, and scaly.

The fourth form of tinea pedis is inflammatory or vesicular, in which a series of raised bumps or ridges develops under the skin on the bottom of the foot, typically in the region of the metatarsal heads. Itching is intense and there is less peeling of the skin.

People with acute tinea infections may develop similar outbreaks on their hands, typically on the palms. This trichophyde reaction, also known as tineas manuum, is an immune system response to fungal antigens (antibodies that fight the fungal infection).


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