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candida yeast infection, candida,

Grapefruit Seed Extract and Candida


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Candida Yeast Fungal Infections and Grapefruit Seed Extract

 By Allan Sachs D.C., C.C.N.

Many holistic physicians, myself included, consider candida albicans one of the greatest health challenges to people of the industrialized nations. The antifungal properties of grapefruit seed extract have made it an important part of successful anti-candida programs-a fact, which has linked the names candida and grapefruit seed extract. Allan Sachs D.C., C.C.N.

By Dr. Leo Galland

There's something unique about this particular substance (grapefruit seed extract). Whatever it does, it does without the debilitating side effects. It has the advantage of being very safe. In the treatment of candidiasis it appears as effective as nystatin, caprylic acid, and other non-absorbed intestinal antifungal agents.

Many drug sensitive individuals find GSE to be much better tolerated than other antifungal preparations, and I have several patients in whom this product alone helped control chronic candidiasis when no other medication was tolerated or effective.

Dr. Leo Galland has prescribed grapefruit seed extract for the past seven years and has published various reports about its effects on candida. Grapefruit extract is the method of choice of naturopathic physicians in controlling fungus infections. "It would be hard to overstate the value of GSE to my medical practice. It has no inherent toxicity.

Dr. Galland considers the availability of grapefruit seed extract to be "...a major therapeutic breakthrough for patients with chronic parasitic and yeast infections..." Dr. Galland reports treatment failures in only two cases out of 297.

Dr. David Bayley, N.D. North Vancouver, BC. It is easier to modulate the dose than other anti-yeast products, as there is no bad after-taste. The liquid Citricidal is excellent for administering to babies and children.

According to worldwide feedback from numerous clinics, medical practitioners and thousands of their patients. Chronic candidiasis (both intestinal and systemic) is being treated with excellent results using grapefruit seed extract. Without the harmful side effects of other medications.

As an additional bonus grapefruit seed extract can detoxify the system simultaneously from other fungi, bacteria and parasites that often accompany candida.

One of the most important applications for grapefruit seed extract is in the support and protection of individuals with chronic immune system problems (AIDS, Chronic Fatigue, and Candida patients).


Why Grapefruit Seed Extract?

After 25 years in use by naturopathic physicians, clinics and the general public grapefruit seed extract has been proven to be a safe and effective multipurpose (broad spectrum) compound with countless uses.

Grapefruit seed extract is being used successfully in humans and animals alike to fight many types of internal and external infections.

The greatest benefit is due to it's multipurpose (broad spectrum) effect. It is effective even if the causes of the infections are known, unknown or misdiagnosed.

Grapefruit seed extract is effective at very low concentrations. During 1989-90, an international research team (reported in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, Volume 5, No. 3, USA, 1990) examined the effects of GSE and compared this with 30 effective antibiotics and 18 proven fungicides. GSE was found to perform as well as any and all of the tested agents. Without the harsh side effects.

Grapefruit seed extract is nontoxic. According to an independent laboratory testing "Acute Oral Toxicity", it would take at least 4,000 times the normal dose of gse to produce a 50% chance of poisoning (called LD50).

Because grapefruit seed extract does not exhibit the harsh side effects and high cost of pharmaceuticals it is becoming the alternative health choice for naturopathic physicians, clinics and the public in general.

Physicians have observed that the herpes simplex virus becomes inactive just ten minutes after the application of grapefruit seed extract.


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