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common warts, grapefruit seed extract,

Common Warts

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Common Warts

Grapefruit seed extract is very effective against common warts. It is painless, just add a little grapefruit seed extract on wart and cover it with a band aid. It will soften tissue and eat the wart in as little as a week or so. Wart will not return!

Common warts are caused by the human papillian virus (HPV) which enters the skin through a cut or scratch and cause the cells to multiply rapidly. Common warts are small bumps of hardened skin usually found on the hands, feet or face. The wart virus can appear almost anywhere on the skin. Common warts can be spread by touching a towel or face cloth that someone with a wart has used. Can also be spread if scratched.

Common warts usually grow on the fingers, hands and elbows. Common warts are small hard, rough lumps that are round and elevated. May be flesh colored, white, pink or bumpy. Most common warts usually disappear on their own.

Common warts are the most common dermatalogical complaint. Three out of four people will develop a wart at sometime in their lives. Common warts are slightly contagious and can be spread to other parts of the body by touching them or shaving around infected area.


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