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gum mouth disease, gums, mouth, disease,

Gum Mouth Disease


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Gum Mouth Disease

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Gum mouth disease gingivitis is the inflammation and infection of the gum tissue surrounding the teeth.

Causes of gum mouth disease gingivitis are a result of poor hygiene, ill-fitting dental appliances, poor eating habits, poor tooth alignment, heavy plaque deposit, blood disorder, drug reaction and vitamin deficiencies. Bacteria will move into the crevices of broken bridgework or filling and breed, spreading further infections.

Signs of gum mouth disease gingivitis are swollen and tender teeth, blood on toothbrush while brushing, pus around teeth, bad breath, gum redness, visible tartar deposit, bad taste in mouth, gums bleed easily and gum ulcers.

Gingivitis can cause damage in other areas of the body if allowed to remain untreated. The bacteria from the gums can enter the blood stream and cause infections else where. Gingivitis can be linked to heat disease, stroke and pneumonia.

Advanced gingivitis occurs when gingivitis spreads to the body tissue which support the teeth. The gingivitis has then progressed into periodontitis, which is a serious condition. After reaching this state, the teeth become loose and pus may come from the gums or tooth sockets. The infection may become so serious that the teeth literally fall out or must be removed.

Inflammation of the gums, often accompanied by bleeding, is caused by plaque bacteria. Their metabolic products have the effect of a cellular poison that attacks the gums.


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