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Intestinal Parasites in Humans


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Intestinal Parasites in Humans

Intestinal parasites in humans can range from mild to hardly noticeable to serious and even life threatening, especially in a child. Worms are parasites that live and feed in the intestinal tract. Amoebas cause dysentery, acute unremitting diarrhea and is usually contacted from parasite infested water or food in third world countries. It is becoming more prevelant in the USA due to increased imported foods, vegetables, fish and meat and infected water.

Intestinal parasites in humans can range from single celled microscopic to multi celled worms. Other parasites seem to be able to move all over the body, including the brain, weakening the entire system. A strong immune system is the best defense for all kinds of parasites.


Common Symptoms for Intestinal Parasites

Roundworms: Fever and intestinal cramping. Hookworms: anemia, abdominal pain, diarrhea and lethargy. Blood flukes: Cause lesions on the lungs and hemorrhages under the skin - typical in AIDS cases.

Protozoa: (Amoebae) causes arthritis-like pain, leukemia-like symptoms, frequent and often uncontrollable running of the bowels, pain and dehydration. They can coat the inside lining of the small intestines and prevent absorption of nutrients and causing life-threatening malnutrition.

Tapeworms: Intestinal obstruction, gas and distress (even from a single worm). Tapeworm eggs in the liver have been mistaken for and treated with chemotherapy as if they were cancer.

Giardia Lamblia: Causes diarrhea, weakness, weight loss cramping, bloating and fever. Common causes are low immune defense, poor diet, poor hygiene, fungal and yeast overgrowth conditions, and poorly cooked or spoiled meat. Read more about the dangers of parasites.


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