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Maximum Triple Strength Grapefruit Seed Extract

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Grapefruit Seed Extract

Triple Strengths Per Ounce Equivalent's Comparison Chart

Maximum Triple Strength
Regular Strength
1 oz
3 oz
2 oz
6 oz
3 oz
9 oz
4 oz
12 oz
5 oz
15 oz
6 oz
18 oz
7 oz
21 oz
8 oz
24 oz
9 oz
27 oz

Grapefruit seed extract from organically grown grapefruit.

NutriBiotic Maximum (Triple Strength) GSE Liquid Concentrate with a Full Spectrum of Bioflavonoids.

NutriBiotic Maximum (Triple Strength) GSE (grapefruit seed extract) Liquid Concentrate provides the highest concentration available of grapefruit seed extract. Each 1 oz. bottle contains approximately 900 drops (average dose 3-5 drops). Numerous uses include oral consumption for dealing with unwanted, indicated conditions, external use for the skin and scalp, and a myriad of household uses.

GSE is a natural quaternary compound synthesized from the seed and pulp of certified organically grown grapefruit. The manufacturing process converts grapefruit bioflavonoid (polyphenolics) into an extremely potent compound that has been proven highly effective in numerous applications. GSE is used by healthcare professionals worldwide as nutritional support for individuals with certain health concerns. GSE is used clinically to provide not only gastrointestinal and topical benefits, but systemic support as well.

What about the "grapefruit juice effect"? - There is a phenomenon known as the "grapefruit juice effect". Two components found in grapefruit juice, naringin and naringenin†, inhibit production of an enzyme in the intestinal tract, thus increasing the rate of absorption for certain classes of drugs (including some antihistamines, birth control pills, anti-epilepsy medications, and some antibiotics).

In some instances, as in low dose birth control pills and some uses of antibiotics, this could be a good thing because the net result is "more efficacy, less drug". In other cases, especially for anti-seizure medicines, blood levels have to be monitored and maintained very carefully. You would be well-advised to check with your doctor or pharmacist to see if there is any interaction between your medication and the naringin and naringenin†.

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