tonsillitis, tonsills,

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tonsillitis, tonsills,


Tonsils are part of the lymphatic gland tissue on either side of the entrance to the throat. Their normal activity is straining and processing poisons from the body. Unnecessary removal of these glands reduces the body's ability to respond to harmful pathogens taken in by the mouth.

Tonsillitis is a disorder involving inflammation of the tonsils. The tonsils are lymph nodes in the back of the mouth/top of the throat. They normally help to filter out bacteria and other microorganisms to prevent infection in the body. They may become so overwhelmed by bacterial or viral infection that they swell and become inflamed, causing tonsillitis. The infection may also be present in the throat and surrounding areas, causing pharyngitis. Tonsillitis is extremely common, particularly in children.

With tonsillitis the tonsils are usually reddened and may have white spots on them. The lymph nodes of the jaw and neck may be enlarged and tender to the touch. Scar tissue develops with every tonsillitis attack.

Symptoms of tonsillitis are a sore throat that persisting longer than 48 hours, difficulty swallowing, headache, fever, chills, tenderness of the jaw and throat, voice changes and loss of voice, hoarseness, coughing, redness, pain and swelling of the tonsils. Other possible symptoms may be earache, nausea, vomiting, nasal obstruction, discharge, and enlarged lymph nodes throughout the body, bad breath caused by the infection, and hearing difficulty because of the swollen glands.

Some causes of tonsillitis are a strep infection, poor diet that aggravates a sporadic infection, with too many starches, sugars, and pasteurized dairy foods, not enough green vegetables, and soluble fiber foods, constipation causing toxic buildup, food allergies, particularly to wheat and dairy, poor digestion and non-assimilation of nutrients.

Tonsillitis is most commonly found in children, but it can occur at any age. In adults, it may be a sign that the body's resistance to disease is lower than it should be. The more repeated bouts of tonsillitis a person has the more difficult it may be to get rid of it.


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